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Frequently Asked Questions

Shipment and Returns

Do you ship to all the countries or there are exceptions?

We ship to almost all the countries around the world, except very few countries that we do not. If you put the address of the destination country and did not see any error or a message stating shipment not available, you are good to order :). 

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If I placed the order today how many days does it take to reach me?

As you know our Jewellery designs are meant to be personalized with Bali's energy and wisdom with a little Balinese's Ceremony here and that can take a day or two to arrange after your lovely design is ready on hand. So we safely say, we send the item within 3-4 days after the order placement. Depending upon countries it can then take anything from 1 week to 2 weeks to reach the adorer of the blessed Jewellery. We provide Shipment Tracking for all countries except Russia, Armenia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan. 

For clothing, it's a little different, if you have ordered the "On Stock" item, then we ship right away from Bali. If you are ordering one of those pre-order with the date to actual manufacturing in future period then we shall communicate directly for those. 

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Where can I find the shipment tracking number?

We send an email confirming shipment as soon as we ship from here. The tracking number is within that email. If you have created an account on our system and made an order after that you can check the details of your order to see the tracking number. Alternatively, you can reach us at customer.care@groundedandfree.com with your order details to request a tracking number. 

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If I ordered two or more items together, will they come in same box?

If it is for Jewellery, to keep the essence, expectation, energy and pleasure of unboxing your piece, we pack all pieces together and send in one Beautiful 'Grounded And Free' box.

If it is for clothing, for the reason essence we pack all orders in lovely packaging and send to you to enjoy fully.

More info on Shipping, Returns & Refund Policy

Material and Warranty

What is 925 Silver or also known as Sterling Silver?

The 92.5% pure silver with a mix of 7.5% friendly like copper makes the allow called Sterling Silver or also known as 925( 925 in 1000 parts silver). This is the best composition of silver for making that shiny rich jewellery at the same time keeping the strength of the jewellery. You may find all brands and local artisans use this composition. 

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What is Vermeil or 22kt Gold Plating means?

The Vermeil Gold is one of the highest grade Gold Plating methods used by even those Luxury Brands out there. To be a Vermeil standard, Jewellery has to be a minimum Sterling Silver coated with a minimum layer of 2.5% micron of 22kt gold. But at 'Grounded And Free' we have gone the extra step on quality, we put 5 microns of the layer 22kt Gold on our Sterling Silver, that extra layer is for the durability of the coating and lasting Gold finish for a longer period of time.

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What is so good and different about our Gold Plating vs of others in the market?

We do not just casually put any Gold Plating on our jewellery. We exceed the quality of Vermeil. Vermeil is a minimum requirement to put a layer of 22kt Gold around Sterling Silver with a thickness of 2.5 microns or more. But have we decided to put 5 microns for simply two reasons, we want durability and that Gold shine last way longer. 

More info  Ethical Sourcing and Materials

What are the Natural Gemstones and why I should not trust the non-reliable source to buy them?

The Gemstones are naturally occurring crystals of various minerals, salts and elements that are found mostly under hundreds to thousands of meters of the earth's surface or sometimes on the surface of the earth. Those under the earth's surface are brought up by either volcanic activities in the form of lava or simply by exposing tectonic plates around the earth like the Himalaya range or they simply form as crystallization process of different minerals. These stones have various colours, textures and said to have different energy and their own vibrations. In Vedic science, each planet has a master Gemstone that matches the energy vibration. For thousands of years, mankind has been using these stone's energy to heal, protect and balance their aura and energy and in many cases influence fate by balancing the planetary energy movements. Due to the increased popularity and usages of Gemstones, it's very easy to find counterfeits in the market. Some stones not only look real and natural, they even have better colours. There are some natural stones that are colour enhanced. One of the best ways to trust vendors is their reliability, permanent store location, recommendation by local jewellers and particularly when you visit them, their transparency. Most of these stores have selections of low-grade natural(cracked or shaded), high-grade natural, enhanced natural and 100% synthetic stones, and they should be able to show you all variations without being shy about it and let you choose which you want regardless of the sell they can potentially make. 

More info  Ethical Sourcing and Materials

Will Silver Jewellery piece tarnish over time?

The quick answer is yes. Silver naturally tarnish over time, due to its natural reaction with the oxygen in the air combined with moisture. There are few tips to delay the tarnish though but the most common tip is to avoid wearing the silver jewellery during sweating work-outs, swimming or exposing into the high humid environment.

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Will Natural Gemstone fade it's shine over time?

The natural Gemstones do not lose their shine for many years unless it's dirty or abused with heavy rubbing. Like any materials, rubbing and scratching will surely lose their shine. Some stones are easier to scratch and some are not, for example, Saphire stone is very tough and can not be scratched easily which makes it an attractive stone to use as glass in luxury scratch-proof watches. But as a rule for normal use of jewellery, Stones are considered very durable.

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Why it is important to have reliable and ethical source for Silver, Gemstones and Gold?

When we say ethical, it automatically demands a high degree of work in the supply chain. Right from finding a supplier who believes in your vision, auditing their work and the work of their supply chain down the line, checking reviews, hearing testimonials and ensuring they are rightly priced too. As you know Gold, Silver and Stones mining is big and vast, getting raw materials from mines, ores in rural places of the countries and in many cases in the country with a corrupt government and lawless society. We want to ensure we are tracing the source of raw materials and check sustainability before we start to use them. 

Then it follows what we do in our own company, stemming from our intentions, people we involve, materials we use for packing, storing, producing, printing and all the way to our contributions to mother earth and our lovely communities. 

We want to ensure we are doing everything consciously and reducing the bad footprints behind. 

More info  Ethical Sourcing and Materials

What is the warranty on my Jewellery?

‘Grounded And Free’ fully warrants that the Products manufactured and sold by it will be free from defects in material and workmanship. We will repair any products proven to be faulty due to manufacturing defects within six (6) months after the date of purchase by the customer with proof of original sales receipt.

More info on Warranty: Warranty

What makes our selection of Garment so wise decision?

Do you mean our Eco Viscose? It's so simple math. Here's how, 

1. We use FSC Certified Manufacturer of the Garments, meaning all their fibres come from a Sustainable Forest( Not deforested but rather maintained strategically for growth of the forest)

2. They use a closed-loop process which means no chemical is wasted or spilled over to nature. 

3. With all fibres coming from the forest, they do not use farmland for fibres that save area for food harvesting to feed the hunger. And yes save the irrigation water because forest survives well with natural rainwater. 

4. Extremely fast biodegradable, even faster than Natural Cotton. And yes, just as normal natural bio combust, no need to amplify any process. 

5. Feels so amazing on the body, absorbs moisture better than the natural fibres.

More info  Ethical Sourcing and Materials

Do I have to take care of washing procedures for the dress I buy?

Yes as with any garments you buy from the store, they go with certain ways to wash them, dry them or iron them. We have put a very clear Care Instruction label on each cloth that you send you. Please read and follow them, they very simple.

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Will there be loss of dye after washing many times?

Hand-dyeing is a very old tradition of applying colour to plain white fibres. We use sustainable dyes on our fabric, it's natural for garments with hand-dye to lose a bit of shade over time. But you do not need to be alarmed, if you will follow the care instruction of your garment, you will likely enjoy your garment for years without any noticeable difference. 

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Buying And Redeeming Gifts Certificates and Coupons

How do I buy Gift Cards?

When you are browsing on our online store you may visit Shop and look for the gift Cards category. You will find different $$ options for you to buy the Gift Cards.

Do I get refund if value of my Gift Card is less than an item purchased?

We have created options for various amounts to choose from. There is no refund for the balance amount hence please buy the closest denomination.

How do I redeem my Gift Card?

Once you are on the final check out page on the online store, you will see an option to put such codes to get the amount adjusted. 

Payment Options

Do you accept Credit cards?

We accept all major international credit and debit cards

Do you have payment plans?

Yes certain countries are eligible for payment plans without any extra charge. Options will be visible during check out only if your country is eligible.

How to pay if I am in Russia or Belarus?

We accept local bank transfers in Russia and CIS via Tinkoff

Do you accept cash on delivery?

This option is available in Bali with certain limitations

Can I pay partial now?

Yes, you can make the partial payment first and the remaining amount right before shipping your piece. 

Can I pay via Crypto Currency?

Yes, we accept USDT via BSC network