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Our Philosophy and Design

Embrace the Essence of Bali's Blessed Island

Grounded And Free is a heartfelt jewellery brand that captures the magical essence of Bali's blessed island. Natalia, our natural visionary designer, pours her wisdom and energy into crafting each piece from scratch to end. Every creation embodies her vision, resulting in meaningful and beautiful jewellery. With a deep commitment to the harmony between human creativity and Mother Nature, our family-run production reveres the sacred connection we share with our surroundings.

Adorn Your Inner States of Mind with High-Vibration Pieces:

Embrace Your Inner States

At Grounded And Free, we encourage you to listen to your heart and express your unique states of mind through our exquisite collections. Each item carries high vibrations, empowering women to connect with their emotions and create from a place of serenity and joy.

Hereditary Artisans of Celuk

Our jewellery is meticulously handcrafted by hereditary artisans in the jewellers' village of Cheluk, Bali. With centuries-old techniques and love for their craft, they create pieces that reflect the highest quality and craftsmanship.

Ethical Craftsmanship and Sustainable Materials:

Sustainable Materials

We deeply care for our planet and use only eco-friendly materials. From recycled silver and ethical vermeil gold plating to responsibly sourced gemstones and eco-materials, our commitment to sustainability extends to every aspect of our creations, even down to our recycled packaging.

Sacred Purification and Balinese Ceremony:

Sacred Water of Sebatu Spring

To infuse our jewellery with spiritual significance, each piece is purified in the holy water of the Sebatu spring, adding a divine touch to every adornment.

Empowering Communities and Giving Back:

Empowering Women-Led Businesses

Grounded And Free proudly supports women-led jewellery and clothing design companies, ensuring fair pay and empowerment within the industry.

Giving Back

With each order, we contribute 10% of our profits to charity, supporting women and families facing challenging circumstances.

A Sustainable Closed Cycle Production:

Embracing Sustainability

At Grounded And Free, sustainability is at the core of our production. We use biodegradable materials and minimize waste, eliminating plastic waste throughout all stages of production and transportation.

Where Beauty Meets Consciousness