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At Grounded And Free, we are committed to promoting sustainability and ethical practices at every stage of production. From sourcing raw materials to employing artisans and packaging, we prioritize economic, environmental, and social responsibility. Discover our ethical journey towards creating conscious jewellery that preserves the planet and supports local communities.

Ethical Sourcing for Jewellery:
  • We prioritize ethical concerns in gemstone mining, sourcing our gems from a trusted Balinese supplier that adheres to fair trade and fair wage principles. Their commitment to ethical mining practices ensures no child or forced labor is involved.
  • Embracing eco-consciousness, we use 100% recycled silver, supporting local jewellers by giving them the opportunity to create new jewellery from excess silver collected during our production process.
  • Our zero-waste approach includes recycling every bit of silver, metal dust, paper from packaging, and plastic used in our production process, ensuring minimal environmental impact.
  • Our skilled jewellers, primarily chosen from struggling artisans, work from home, enabling them to provide for their families while receiving fair wages. We have also established a fund to support their children's education, medicine, and local festival gifts.

Our Raw Materials:


Our gemstones are ethically mined, preserving their natural beauty and uniqueness. We offer a diverse collection of cabochons and faceted stones, each thoughtfully sourced with ethical considerations.

  • 22kt Gold Vermeil: Our top-quality gold plating consists of 22-carat gold applied in a 5-micron layer on sterling silver, ensuring a long-lasting lustre and shine. Our gold-plated jewellery is of superior vermeil quality.
  • Recycled Sterling Silver: We prioritize recycled 925 sterling silver for its high quality and durability, reducing the strain on our planet's mines and supporting local jewellers who collect silver dust. Our metals are lead and nickel-free, ensuring both longevity and ethicality.