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Jewellery Care Instructions

At Grounded And Free, we put our immense energy, intention, and love into creating each piece of jewellery. We've gone the extra mile to ensure that the jewellery you receive is surrounded by the same love we put into its creation. To help your jewellery preserve its beauty, energy, and longevity, please follow these essential guidelines:

  1. Exclusivity: Your jewellery is consecrated and dedicated to you. It's best not to share it with others; keep this special connection intact.
  2. Water and Chemicals: Before showering, swimming in pools or the sea, or engaging in household cleaning with chemicals, we recommend removing your jewellery to shield it from potential harm.
  3. Active Lifestyle: We meticulously apply a durable, dense layer of gilding to our jewellery. For its protection, please take off your jewellery during workouts to avoid undue pressure and chafing.
  4. Silver Care: Silver jewellery can discolour over time due to sweat and exposure to certain chemical compounds and simply moisture in the air. To prevent tarnishing, keep your silver pieces away from perfumes and hair gels, and water.
  5. Maintenance and Storage: We've thoughtfully included a polishing cloth to help you maintain the brilliance of your silver jewellery. If you reside in a humid climate, we suggest storing your jewellery in a sealed box with a desiccant or in a small zipped pouch to shield it from tarnishing. Please do not use this cloth for gold plated jewellery.


Following these recommendations will ensure your jewellery continues to radiate its beauty and energy, just as when it first became yours.