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Grounded And Free: Partner With Us for a Positive Impact

At Grounded And Free, we believe in the power of partnerships to achieve our goals in a bigger way. That's why we offer various partnership options, inviting like-minded individuals and businesses to join us on our ethical journey.

Whether you run a yoga studio, gemstone shop, or consignment store worldwide, we're open to consignment or commission-based partnerships. We also welcome passionate individuals who want to promote ethical jewellery and make a difference.

As our partner, you can help spread the word about Grounded And Free to local stores and boutiques, and we'll share the revenue for every sale made through your efforts. We understand the uniqueness of each partnership and are committed to finding the best solution for both parties.

Rest assured, we provide full support, including marketing materials and product information, to ensure your partnership with us is a resounding success. By partnering with Grounded And Free, you become part of a community sharing the same passion for ethical craftsmanship and sustainability.

Together, we can make a positive impact and spread happiness around the world through meaningful handmade jewellery. If you're interested in joining our mission, please contact the following:


Contact Details:

Mr. Pradip Bhandari

Email: pradip.bhandari@groundedandfree.com

Mobile: +6281339450484



Let's create a better world together. Partner with Grounded And Free today!